Can I Kick It?

Like many others, I have certain “go-to” artists that I listen to when I am either in a specific mood or want to feel a certain emotion. This is, I believe, what music has the power to do. And there are songs for all of us that do this. In fact I have a few playlists that I’ve created that help me for this reason.

But I have one particular group that never fails to make me feel good- A Tribe Called Quest. Members: Q-Tip, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Jarobi, and the late Phife Dawg (who died in March 2016 from complications due to kidney failure) are true masters of their craft.

And while many years have passed since the majority of their discography was released in the late 80s-early 90s (they released the album “We’ve Got It From Here…Thank You for Your Service” in November 2016) their influence is still heard in the hip hop music of today.

But as opposed to much of the rap that is released these days, ATCQ’s music is fun, and even what I’d call playful at times. They even have what I’d call a sort of innocence in their sound.

And that’s why I love them so much. Whenever I put them on my head immediately begins to bob, and my spirit soars. There is just something about their combination of clever rhymes and great beats topped off with samples from a variety of jazz tracks that infects me with a sense of pleasure that no antidepressant can match. There are times when I’m dragging mentally and I’ll play the album, “The Low End Theory,” for instance, and I find myself being lifted out of my emotional fog.

One particular time that I listen to ATCQ is when I’m leaving work on Fridays. I call it my “Happy Hour” music, And while I haven’t had a drink in over 34 years, I can definitely say that they are intoxicating. 

What is your “go-to” artist or group? Whose music is able to transform your mood and make you feel all kinds of good inside? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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I'm a mental health advocate, educator, and TEDx speaker. I also am a featured columnist for BP magazine, I have lived with bipolar disorder since 1981 and I'm in long-term recovery from addiction. I host the program, Mental Health Verses on the SUNY Buffalo State radio station, WBNY 91.3 FM

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