Hello, I’m Karl Shallowhorn. Welcome to Mental Health Verses!

Two universal elements in life are music and mental health. Music, in its purest form, goes to our core. The simple rhythm of the human heart is something that can translate to every song ever created, performed and recorded. For me, music is my salvation. It has literally saved my life and serves as a primary coping tool.

Another theme that weaves through all of our lives is mental health. Mental health is on a spectrum and we all fall somewhere on that spectrum on any given day. Regardless of what end we are on, our mental health is something that must be nurtured and cared for.

What I have done is created a radio program, Mental Health Verses, that takes music and mental health and provides a backdrop for conversations with my guests which enables the viewer to learn about how people use music in their lives to both express their inner nature as well as manage their emotional wellbeing.

This site will serve to showcase episodes, music and mental health blog posts, and resources that will feature additional information related to work that I’m involved with and the latest in behavioral health news.

You can tune in to Mental Health Verses on 91.3 FM WBNY, the SUNY Buffalo State radio station every Monday evening at 6pm ET. The program can also be found online at https://wbny.buffalostate.edu/ or streaming on the RadioFX app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Visit this site regularly and feel free to contact me by submitting your comments or questions on my contact page.

“I think I should have no other mortal wants, if I could always have plenty of music. It seems to infuse strength into my limbs and ideas into my brain. Life seems to go on without effort, when I am filled with music.” George Eliot (1819-1880)

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