Life’s What You Make It

Life is full of stress, good stress and bad stress, otherwise known as eustress and distress. An example of eustress is when a professional athlete gets ready for competition. The surge of adrenaline helps them to perform. On the other hand, if someone is dealing with a challenging situation, such as repeated arguments with a spouse or increasing financial demands, they may experience a wide variety of negative effects. Regardless, long-term exposure to stress can cause a significant strain on the human system.

Always and Forever

I’ve always named my blog posts after songs, hence the name, Mental Health Verses. When it came time to write about this topic I thought about what which one would be most appropriate, and frankly, I couldn’t think of a single one. It was if I couldn’t think of a single song whose words could express how I’m feeling and that conveys the sentiments of this particular post.

The Couch

One thing to understand about going to therapy is that it requires the willingness to be open and vulnerable, which can be very hard to do, especially with someone who, at first, is a complete stranger. But as a behavioral health professional myself, I knew this going in to my first session with Jen,


The thing that I appreciated so much about running was not only the physical benefits, but the mental and emotional ones as well. For all the years I ran, I never had any manic or depressive episodes. I also developed a love for pushing myself physically. I also enjoyed running with others and developed a bond with special people as we talked along the way.

Mental Health Verses Podcast March 14, 2022

In this episode of Mental Health Verses, I’m joined by Jennifer Connor, co-founder and Executive Director for Justice for Migrant Families WNY.

Jennifer has a rich history of music appreciation and performance as an amateur musician. She is currently a member of Nusantara Arts Gamelan Orchestra. Jennifer’s work on behalf of migrant families demonstrates a passion to be an advocate for those who have no voice. Music is a central part of Jennifer’s self-care and emotional wellbeing. In our conversation, we also delve into Jennifer’s upbringing in her family that shared times together singing traditional Irish songs.